13 dead, three dozen missing after cloudburst in occupied Kashmir

13 dead, three dozen missing after cloudburst in occupied Kashmir : Thirteen people died as well as at the least 3 dozen people were missing after a storm led to flash floods in the vicinity of the Himalayan Hindu cave sacred site of Amarnath in India-controlled Kashmir an official said in Kashmir on Friday.

During the annual pilgrimage hundreds of thousands of Hindus traverse glaciers and waterlogged trails to get to the cave, which houses an ice stalagmite thought as a physical manifestation of Shiva, the god of Shiva.

The operation has uncovered eight bodies that were killed in the cloudburst that occurred near the cave, according to the chief of police Vijay Kumar, who is stationed in the territory that is disputed.

“Some tents and community kitchens have washed away in the flash flood.”

13 dead, three dozen missing after cloudburst

Another official , who wasn’t authorized to speak in public, claimed the death count was much higher than 13, and that five more bodies were found.

The rescuers rescued several bodies from the rubble.

Indian Premier Narendra Modi tweeted that he was “anguished” and offered “condolences to the bereaved families.”

Operation for relief and rescue are currently underway. Every possible aid is provided to those victims,” said the official.

The cave is covered with snow throughout the year, however, it is open to pilgrims for 45 days in the summer when temperatures are rising to allow the cave to be accessed.

The pilgrimage this year takes place following two years of gap caused by Covid. Authorities are anticipating to see a record number of Hindu pilgrims to the temple, following more than 60,000 pilgrims arriving already within only the beginning of the 10 days.

Indian soldiers armed with automatic assault rifles and flare jackets were on the streets since the journey began in the region of Muslim majority in June.

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