After Attock, Mr. Imran Riaz lands in Chakwal jail

After Attock, Mr. Imran Riaz lands in Chakwal jail : Taxila: Chakwal police arrested journalist Imran Riaz Khan at his home in the Attock district court complex shortly after the judge in a morning decision, dismissed the case of treason against the anchorperson, and granted his release due to the absence of evidence sufficient to warrant his release.

The journalist was detained at the hands of Attock police close to Islamabad the night of Tuesday was released by the local court in early hours of Thursday morning, however the relief was to be fleeting because a group of Chakwal police waited in the courtroom for the chance to detain the journalist.

The judge earlier denied an application from Chakwal police to surrender the anchorperson in their custody. the police were criticized for in not “adhering to legal procedures”.

After Attock, Mr. Imran Riaz lands in Chakwal jail

“Imran Riaz cannot be handed over to Chakwal police,” the judge stated in his ruling. But when Imran Riaz left the courtroom following his release after his release, it was “voluntarily” handed himself over to the police waiting party and was later transferred to an officer station at Chakwal.

An announcement of verdict shortly before dawn the judge had ordered the journalist’s immediate release

Verdict made public before dawn

The decision which ordered the release of journalist, was reserved by judge Tanvir in the early hours of 3 am. When he read the verdict at 4am, Judge Tanvir issued an order for that the journalist be released immediately. “The announcement of the ruling at dawn makes it the only early morning verdict in the judicial history of Attock,” lawyers claimed in a statement on the verdict.

“At this moment the case in hand is not a case of sufficient evidence which connect[s] the accused Imran Riaz with the commission of the offence as embodied in the crime report, therefore, the accused Imran Riaz Khan is hereby discharged from this case,” the judge had said.

The order further stated that “After hearing and seeing the whole [footage] at this stage it is found that the accused present in the court did not use any derogatory remarks or any other word which can be said that the accused committed the offences levelled in the FIR.”

Police, following the adoption of legal processes, are able to examine the case further, however, strictly following the law, the statement added.

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