Asad Umar warns of ‘difficult situation’ if ECP fails to do justice

Asad Umar warns of ‘difficult situation’ if ECP fails to do justice during Punjab by-polls : PTI Secretary General Asad Umar warned on Friday that Pakistan could move toward an “difficult situation” if the people believe that as if the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) as “not doing justice or becoming a silent spectator when the law is violated” in the by-elections scheduled for Punjab.

He was speaking at the press conference in Islamabad to discuss the by-elections scheduled to take place on July 17.

The PTI has claimed it is aware that “interference” is afoot to alter the outcome of the coming by-polls. The PTI has accused the government for altering the voter lists and employing the state apparatus to favor former PTI candidates that the ruling parties support.

In his press conference held today, Umar asked party workers to be fully prepared for the forthcoming elections.

Asad Umar warns of ‘difficult situation’ if ECP

“Whatever they do, the PTI will win with a big majority on July 17. Once Punjab goes out of their (the government’s) hands, what will the imported prime minister do in Islamabad? We are heading towards new elections.”

He also critiqued an electoral body in addition to “advised” it to allot itself an election symbol as the watchdog was “behaving like a political party”.

Umar was later quoted to that it was evident it was evident that PTI is “leading prominently” in all the areas they had visited in which he referenced polls.

“And it is not surprising, especially with the extraordinary increase in Imran Khan’s popularity in the last few months,” he said. “And the most welcome aspect is that all the different societal sectors, from the lowest-earning ones to the most educated, we are seeing the nation uniting.”

He claimed it was obvious and that the “fake” government could also be able to see it.

“Elections will be held on the 17th and then chief minister’s election will be held on 22, after which this story will be concluded,” Umar declared. “But they are not ready to go away so easily.”

He blasted the way that the law and the Constitution were “being violated” and the people were “harassed and terrorised”.

The former minister stated the fact that “direct calls” were being sent from assistant commissioners as well as district commissioners, to official from Punjab. “Our people are being threatened and FIRs registered,” the former minister said.

“Illegally registering votes”

“The most dangerous thing is illegally registering votes. We have filed a petition. Individual petitions have already been filed but ECP has not taken any action.”

Umar claimed to the report that the legislation “clearly says votes cannot be changed once election date is announced” However, he said that new votes were registered on electoral rolls that were issued.

“They are mostly those whose temporary or permanent addresses do not fall in that constituency […] It is a test for the ECP and courts.”

Pakistani Finance Minister Asad Umar speaks to the media during a press conference after stepping down from his ministry, in Islamabad on April 18, 2019. – Pakistan’s finance minister Asad Umar has stepped down, he announced on April 18, with no replacement yet named as Islamabad seeks a crucial bailout deal with the International Monetary Fund. (Photo by AAMIR QURESHI / AFP)

In answer to a question the PTI secretary-general stated that the party’s fight is against undemocratic policies, injustice as well as foreign intrusion.

It’s not about just one person, but an ideological fight He emphasized.

In the meantime, the ECP issued an explanation on the issue and said that media reports on the registration of votes are “unfounded and based on propaganda to mislead the masses”.

The ECP statement stated that no changes was possible to the voter list after the election schedule had been announced.

“The ECP is resolved to conduct transparent and peaceful election on the 20 seats of the Punjab Assembly,” the electoral watchdog said.

Imran Riaz is set to return as a hero’

He also discussed his concerns about the detention reporter Imran Riaz Khan. He also said the case was still not decided which court would have the power to handle the matter.

“Can people not see this is a part of tactics being used to create terror?” He asked.

“Imran Riaz Khan has not been losing anything. He is going to be remembered as hero. The harm [inflicted] will affect the trust of the public to the government.

“You cannot suppress thoughts with handcuffs,” Umar declared.

In his press conference, the PTI leader confirmed the PTI’s claims that supporters of the party received messages at “unknown numbers”.

Umar said that housewives who were party-goers received call with “unknown numbers” warning them to not post in social networks.

Plainclothed men walked into the house of an elderly widow and claimed that she was kidnapped by a two-year-old girl, he said. The more often these tactics are employed the more enthralled people will be and the more enthralled they will become, he stated.

Imran tags himself as a traitor to CEC

Umar’s remarks come the morning after PTI chairman and ex-prime minister Imran Khan lambasted the civil administration as well as the Election Commission to help “turncoats” win the byelection scheduled for the 17th of July.

He also said that chief election commissioner Sikander Sultan Raja would be considered a traitor in the future. He said that the CEC did not say one word about the huge misuse of the power of government as well as the rigging of local elections in Sindh.

He also regrets that “dacoits and thieves” together and the head of election commission didn’t permit the electronic voting machines be used during elections.

The ECP did not agree with Imran’s rant. “The PTI chief’s allegations against the commission and its chief are unsubstantiated. They are not true. ECP will continue to work in accordance with the law and not be influenced,” a statement by the spokesperson for the commission was released.

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