Doja Cat calls out Stranger Things’ Noah Schnapp for exposing their DMs

Doja Cat calls out Stranger Things’ Noah Schnapp for exposing their DMs : Stranger Things may appear in the next season within the next few years, but it doesn’t mean that things will get more bizarre for its cast members. American musician Doja Cat has criticized the Stranger Things Star Noah Schnapp for exposing their DMs and claiming it was “borderline snake s**t”.

The singer from ‘SaySo’ wrote to Schnapp to ask him to connect with his co-star and the latest supernatural thriller’s new character, Joseph Quinn. The 17-year-old instructed her to snooze into Quinn’s DMs herself, and then sent him the actor’s Instagram ID.

The singer of ‘Boss Bi**h’ was apparently not happy with the idea of displaying their private conversations on the internet. She went on her Instagram live feed to discuss the matter. “I believe that is fair first let’s not get too excited about the issue. Noah is a childI don’t even know his age but there’s no way that he’s older than 21.”

Doja Cat calls out Stranger Things’ Noah Schnapp

Cat added, “But when you’re that young, you do make mistakes. You’re a fool. We’re trying to play very fair. You’re a fool and you make dumb commentsYou mess friendships with others. It’s normal to make errors.”

She acknowledged that she’s made errors during the course of her career. “You’re required to make sure that you don’t do this again at a later time. I’ve had my fair part of f**k-ups to ensure that I don’t repeat it ever again.”

However, to her Schnapp’s actions were completely beyond the realm of acceptable behavior. “The incident that Noah did that, then went and published a private chat that I had with him, is shockingly ignorant and unprofessional. This is borderline snake s*t and it’s like weasel [stuff.”

“And It’s not like I’m saying that it encapsulates his entire character — as I wouldn’t think of Noah this way. Perhaps he’s an entire snake. However, I did not see him in this in the same way. I figured that he’d remain calm about it, and He shared some information which I was not comfortable sharing with him,” she concluded.

Cat might have expressed her feelings about Quinn in a very public manner on Twitter several times however Will Byers may need to be taught that private information should be kept private unless it’s shared with permission. Maybe Doja Cat has to be taught not to send messages to children in order to make connections with their comrades.

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