Fears of sixth wave take hold after nine deaths in a day

Fears of sixth wave take hold after nine deaths in a day : ISLAMABAD Pakistan is heading towards a sixth Covid-19 wave after an absence of more than four months, after the country announced nine deaths on Thursday.

In addition, 872 cases were also reported. But the national positive rate, which was higher than 4 percent during the previous week, fell to 3.77pc due to the fact that the number of tests performed increased by 30 percent.

But, unlike earlier waves that were quelled by clever locking downs and a strict adherent in SOPs in public areas Cities across the country are still devoid of precautionary measures. Transport hubs like bus and train stations are also becoming more and more packed as residents return home to enjoy the Eid holiday, which raises fears that they could be the epicenters of super-spreader activities.

Information provided by The National Command and Operation Centre (NCOC) revealed that nine people died from the virus. In the past there were more than nine deaths. were reported as of March 4. NIH encourages people to clean, and purchase only healthful animal sacrifices amid Congo virus spreading.

Fears of sixth wave take hold after nine deaths in a day

The results also showed that the daily number of Covid tests that had been just over 15,000, has increased to 23,125. Due to the increase in testing, the positive rate across Pakistan was less than 7 percent in the case of Karachi. Karachi was the top of the list with 6.49pc.

The professor of Microbiology Javaid Usman told Dawn that even though the NCOC did not officially declare a sixth pandemic wave however, it was clear that cases were increasing in Pakistan as well as around the world.

“The reason for this is that the bans for international travel are lifted. At present, Omicron’s sub-variant BA-5 has been spreading throughout the world but the good news is that it’s only an infection of the bronchitis and is not turning into pneumonia. Additionally, there are less hospitalisations and fewer deaths because of comorbidity and not solely due to virus,” the doctor said.

Bronchitis can be described as an infection of the airways that are the primary part of the lungs. This causes the airways to become inflamed and inflamed. Comorbidity refers to having multiple diseases simultaneously, such as diabetes, high blood pressure and heart issues and so on.

Affidavit regarding Congo fever

The National Institute of Health (NIH) has also issued an advisory on the prevention and protection against Crimean Congo Haemorrhagic Fever (CCHF), also known as Congo fever, and caused through a potentially dangerous form of Norovirus.

In ticks that are buried within the hairs of goats, sheep cattle, buffaloes, cows and other cattle The NIH statement noted that even though no vaccine against Congo fever is available at present, the illness can be prevented by steps to prevent it.

“Before buying a sacrificial animal, people should be sure that there are no ticks on body of animal, use gloves or apply Deet lotion when checking the animal, prevent children from playing with animals, use pesticides in consultation with livestock department to protect animals from the ticks,” it reads.

The guideline stated that butchers must wear gloves while slaughtering animals and making meat. They should ensure that they are not contaminated by blood from animals and be sure to remove blood and impurities from flesh.

The public is also advised to wear gloves when washing the sacrificial meat, and doctors and other medical professionals must also be sure to employ personal precautions like masks and gloves while caring for an Congo patient.

The departments of livestock are being instructed to ensure the spraying of cattle markets as well as vaccination of the animals that are sacrificed.

Dr. Usman stated that people should be concerned about CCHF but not be worried. “It is not a brand new disease. It is a recurring issue that occurs every four or five years and doesn’t cause a lot of deaths. If an animal appears healthy, you can purchase it without doubt. The smooth skin of goats means they are less likely of getting ticks. The goat should be cleaned with shampoo or any detergent, and then they are able to keep the animals in their home,” he said.

“People must be aware of the CCHF since if there’ll be more confusion, it will lead to more excitement. Every year, during Eidul Azha, millions of animals are taken to market and then are sold. It’s not possible by the state to inspect every animal. Therefore, people must clean the animals before they are able to let kids to interact with the animals” He said.

CCHF cases were reported in Pakistan during July in Bahawalpur after a Bahawal Victoria Hospital (BVH) doctor died from the illness despite being transferred to Karachi to receive treatment. Following that, additional incidents were identified from different regions of Pakistan.

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