HRCP calls for probe into allegations against NAB

HRCP calls for probe into allegations against NAB chief :  ISLAMABAD It is believed that the shocking accusations made against the former National Accountability Bureau head retired Justice Javed Iqbal must be conducted with transparency and impartiality and he must be dismissed from his post If the allegations are proven to be true, Human Rights Commission of Pakistan said on Friday. Human Rights Commission of Pakistan announced on Friday.

The commission stated that it was taking “serious note of the allegations of sexual harassment” made against the official which had been also chairperson of the Commission of Investigation into Enforcement of Disappearances (COIED).

HRCP calls for probe into allegations against NAB

“It is of a grave concern to the HRCP that these allegations were levelled by a woman who had approached Justice Iqbal in his capacity as COIED chairman — a position in which he was responsible for protecting [Tayyaba] Gul’s testimony and securing her right to seek justice for a missing relative,” is the statement of the commission.

Not just have Justice Iqbal allegedly abused his office in two ways and has also been unable to appear before the Public Accounts Committee to answer these allegations.

The HRCP stated that it would investigate this request for an investigation as well as the procedure within the Public Accounts Committee.

On Thursday on Thursday, The Public Accounts Committee (PAC) of the National Assembly was stunned by the testimony of a woman who revealed under oath that she had been stripped of her clothes and even sex-searched by the officials of the bureau of accountability.

She also asserted it was she was told by the Prime Minister Office used her instance to gain personal gain by blackmailing the NAB top management and manipulating evidence.

In her testimony before the PAC Tayyaba Gul stated the fact that Azam Khan, the former chief secretary to the prime minister Imran Khan, and the PAC, had invited her to an appointment after she filed an online complaint through the Citizen Portal.

In her complaint she had accused former NAB Chairman Justice Iqbal of sexual harassment and also provided screenshots of secretly-recorded footage.

She told her PAC the PAC that Azam Khan had requested the video and reassured her that they would pursue Mr. Iqbal however, it was not until later that the clip broadcast on a TV channel.

Ms Gul claimed that of the PM Office of using the video to pressure the former NAB chief in an effort to have NAB inquiries canceled.

PAC chairman Noor Alam Khan demanded an immediate suspension for Justice Iqbal and other officials.

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