Imran rails against ‘man in Lahore’ trying to ‘orchestrate’ PML-N

Imran rails against ‘man in Lahore’ trying to ‘orchestrate’ PML-N victory in by-polls : PTI Chief Imran Khan on Friday claimed that an “man based in Lahore” was “trying to help the PML-N win by-elections on 20 seats of the Punjab Assembly” however, he said that the person’s “attempts to rig the polls” were futile.

In addressing a rally during a demonstration in Khushab, Punjab, Imran stated that Punjab chief minister Hamza Shehbaz would not be successful in securing his position after the by-elections which will occur for twenty seats, on 17 July.

The PTI chairman made reference to an unidentified person who was said to be supporting the Punjab government in its bid to win majority seats at the polls.

“A man is located in Lahore who has one objective to ensure that these criminals win elections. I’d like to remind that Lahore man that no matter what you do, it’s you who will be embarrassed.

Imran rails against ‘man in Lahore’ trying to ‘orchestrate’ PML-N

“People will berate the hell out of you. Whatever you do, and no matter how much you rig The result of the by-election on Sunday will result in Hamza losing his post,” Imran said without naming the person who was in the picture.

The comment by the former premier to the man is in the following of PTI assertions that its employees and employees have received “threatening phone calls” from certain sources.

In addition, the party also accused the Punjab government tried to influence election in the party’s favor by announcement of uplift schemes.

This month, PTI Secretary General Asad Umar was reported to have claimed it was the PML-N was rigging the elections by announcing and executing construction works within 20 by-election districts within the province.

The ECP had been forced to suspend Hamza’s plan to provide free electricity to the poor of Punjab and branded it As an attempt to shape the poll results.

Learn: Road to Islamabad is a route that runs through Lahore along with Punjab by-poll results might reflect trends across the country.

The most recent Dawn report identified the high-risk nature of these elections as one that “will not only determine the outcome of the next general elections, but are also going to decide who rules Punjab for another year or so — Hamza Shehbaz or Chaudhry Parvez Elahi”.

Similar to this, Imran said at his speech today that the coming by-elections will decide “the future of Pakistan” in urging the people to overthrow the current Punjab government in the upcoming by-elections.

He also condemned his fellow citizens in the United States for “putting corrupt people at the helm in Pakistan”.

“The US never even appoints a convict as a peon, but they have made thieves rulers in Pakistan,” the PTI head screamed.

He claimed that there was a particular person in Lahore who whom he called “Mr. X” whom he claimed was “colluding together with the election chief in order to rig to rig the elections by-elections”.

“I discovered today that the wife of the man was given a high post in the customs departmentthat could help her earn a significant amount of cash. However, despite this manipulation it is our intention to take them down,” the former premier declared.

He urged youngsters to participate to join him, telling them that he needed at minimum 10 young people to offer as “stand guard” at polling stations in order to deter attempts to rig the system.

Imran warned his rivals that they may win the by-elections If the majority of the population did not support the party he represents “in unison”.

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