Netizens are disappointed to see Mere Humsafar

Netizens are disappointed to see Mere Humsafar repeat scenes from Humsafar : It’s eleven years ago since the premiere of Fawad Khan’s as well as Mahira Khan’s Humsafar but the fans aren’t letting it go In fact, nobody has. The reason why people weren’t pleased with the their favorite drama Mere Humsafar that took its inspiration of”Lost” from the “OG” show.

After the premiere of the new installment of Farhan Saeed and Hania Aamir’s drama on Thursday night, viewers posted on Twitter to voice their displeasure with the show’s decision to not just imitating its creators, but also continuing the story by using similar ” saas bahu walay natak [mother-in-law daughter-in-law drama]” instead of taking the story in a new direction.

They were particularly dissatisfied with the episode’s next promo, which featured identical scenes from Humasafar.

Netizens are disappointed to see Mere Humsafar

Hala is left to her own in Pakistan at an early age from her dad, Nafees, because his new European wife is not willing to have a daughter with the previous union. She is loved by her father, but then abandonedby him, Hala is abused by her father’s older brother Raees and his spouse, Shah Jahan and other brothers’ wives, Sofia.

Her childhood is an innocent teenager , constantly mistreated and the only comfort she experienced in her family was with her grandmother as well as her younger uncle Jalees. Raees is a narrator for her father’s false tales about her, and she never talks with her father. Raees is obsessed with her most beloved acquaintance, the cousin of Shafaq Khurram.

Raees is planning to get Hala wed to an employee of Naveed with a mental illness. Then Hala’s cousin Hamza has her divorced and asks her to remain with such a person. Following the incident, because of some mishap made at Sameen in the name of Hamza’s older brother Hamza’s mother, to protect her daughter claims that all the wrongs were committed by Hala and then throws her out of the home.

Afterward, Hamza discovers Hala on the road she is able to bring her home to the house, which Raees is against and holds the condition that for Hala that in order to stay at their house she has to be a member of the family . She denies her admission, claiming that her father has cut off his connection with her. When Hala is faced with no other choice, Hamza makes the impossible. Hamza is the one to take Hala in the direction of the Islamic mosque to marry her!

Hala’s life has become a lot more difficult in the midst of this, as there is no acceptance of her as Hamza’s wife , except for her the grandmother. As she overcomes the hate and the hardships that she faces, Hamza helps her find confidence in her own self. They begin to fall in love with one another.

As Khurram helps save Sameen’s life, and they bump into one several times and develop a bond with one another. One day Sameen goes with Khurram to her home, which he realizes is the house of Hala since previously he’s been there and is able to see her and Hamza as they are seated behind bush and vows to take to retaliate against her. Then it is revealed that Hala is expecting and won’t be able get to London.

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