PM finally inaugurates Green, Blue Line metro services in Islamabad

PM finally inaugurates Green, Blue Line metro services in Islamabad : ISLAMABAD: The Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif inaugurated on Thursday his new metro bus service, the Green as well as the Blue Line metro bus services.

The official opening, which had multiple postponements in the past one week, was scheduled for Thursday, the morning of Jillani Stop in Bhara Kahu. After the launch of the Orange Line from Peshawar Mor to the airport was completed Now each of Blue and Green Lines have been operational. Green Blue and Blue Lines have become operational. CDA Chairperson Amer Ali Ahmed presented an update to the Prime Minister on the Metro bus service.

In his remarks the prime minister stated that his metro-bus service was an offer to the citizens from the cities Rawalpindi as well as Islamabad and will benefit people of all ages, including workers and students. He also ordered the to expand both buses services over the next few years.

The Green Line begins from Bhara Kahu, and ends in Pims stop. The passengers will disembark outside the hospital to catch the Red Line (Rawalpindi-Islamabad metro) for travelling to other parts of the city. 10 buses will run between Bhara Kahu and Pims, 15 on the Koral-Pims road The Blue Line is functional from Koral to Pims. In the beginning, both metros will operate in a non-stop manner until bus stations along the lines are built.

PM finally inaugurates Green, Blue Line metro services

In the words of the CDA The CDA, construction work for the bus stations on both lines is currently in progress and is expected to be completed by the 14th of August. The Green lines as well as Blue lines run as mix traffic on the existing roads, and in the future the CDA will build designated routes to connect these lines. One feeder bus is scheduled to operate by PWD Housing Society to Koral stop. A second bus will run between Athal Chowk in Bhara Kahu to Jillani bus terminal in order to ease commuters.

Sources within the CDA informed that the public agency will operate 10 buses on the Green Line and 15 on Blue Line. However the CDA plans to operate just 4 buses along the Green Line and 10 on Blue Line from Friday.

“We are expecting less ridership during Eid days but with an improvement of ridership we will add more buses,” said an official from the CDA.

It has also been determined that these buses will operate without charging a fee for a month.

Premier Minister Sharif in April of this year , had launched the Orange Line from Peshawar Mor to the airport, and been directed to provide the service to be free for a month. The same service is running for free since CDA has yet to receive approval from the federal government.

In a recent meeting that was held within the CDA headquarters the civic organization debated the proposed cost. The idea was that Rs50 charge for Green Line and Blue Line services, and Rs50 for Peshawar the Mor area towards GT Road. For the journey from GT Road towards the Airport, the cost should be Rs100.

The CDA officials claimed that they were hoping for the chance that Prime Minister, while dedicating the Green Blue Line would also announce the prices. In the meantime, the CDA civic agency will finalize the fares for all three metro bus services within just a couple of weeks.

“PM Sharif inaugurating first Islamabad Bus Service starting from Bhara Kahu to Pims (Green Line) and Koral towards Pims (Blue Line) in which they will merge with the Red Line (Pindi-Islamabad Metro). From the Faiz Ahmed Faiz Stop, passengers will be able to take the Orange Line to the airport,” tweeted Information Minister Marriyum Aurangzeb.

She was joined by the Interior Minister Rana Sanullah, PML-N local leaders Tariq Fazal Chaudhry Anjum Aqeel Khan Hanif Abbasi, Syed Zeeshan Naqvi Sheikh Anser Aziz, and other guests attended the ceremony’s inaugural.

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