PSB directed to get Liaquat Gymnasium vacated from Rangers

PSB directed to get Liaquat Gymnasium vacated from Rangers : ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Sports Board (PSB) the governing body on Wednesday made a decision to evict the Liaquat Gymnasium of the Pakistan Sports Complex in which Rangers personnel were in residence for more than one month.

Recently it was reported that it was reported that the National Assembly Standing Committee on Inter-provincial Coordination (IPC) has directed the PSB to make the gym closed, highlighting that these facilities are for sports only.

It is important to mention that about 2500 Rangers personnel are staying at Liaquat Gymnasium. Liaquat Gymnasium since May 24 after they were summoned to the federal government to serve as security reasons during the long marches of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf.

PSB directed to get Liaquat Gymnasium vacated

The governing board meeting which took place in Islamabad with the Federal Minister for IPC Ehsan-urRehman Mazari as the chair, addressed the issue of Rangers being allowed to remain in the gymnasium. They also instructed the PSB to ensure that the facility is cleared.

“It was decided that the Ministry of IPC will take up the case with the Ministry of Interior regarding vacating the Liaquat Gymnasium from Pakistan Rangers Troops within a week’s time,” read the minutes of the PSB the governing board meeting.


In the meantime, the board was discussing diverse other items that were on the agenda.

In a significant decision, the board suspended the membership with the Pakistan Weightlifting Federation (PWF) due to its involvement in several alleged malpractices as well as the doping scandal that afflicted the weightlifters of Pakistan.

In April Six Pakistan weightlifters were disqualified from the International Weightlifting Federation (IWP) Two of them were banned from using the substance and four for not agreeing to provide a blood samples to an International anti-doping agency.

In approving the affiliation of the Pakistan Amateur Circle Kabaddi Federation The governing board of the organization approved a two-month timeframe for the federation to complete the required documents to allow for affiliation.

The board also approved a temporary PSB membership to Pakistan Long Range Riffle Association for one year.

In the minutes in the minutes, the board also determined to hold the 14th South Asian Games will be scheduled for November 2023. However, the input of national sports federations about locations for various SAG disciplines could be sought.

In accordance with the government’s policy as per the policy of the government, the PSB will support Pakistani athletes with a great results and medal prospects in to the minutes.

However there is a possibility that they Pakistan Olympic Association (POA) could be interested in sponsoring more athletes for the upcoming Commonwealth Games (Birmingham) and the Islamic Solidarity Games (Konya).

“If any of them gets a medal for the nation, the government/PSB will not only reimburse the participating expenditure but lucrative cash incentive will also be given [to medial-winning athletes],” according to the minutes.

The board also authorized the increase of rates for boarding rates and pocket allowances for camp students and fixed the rates of special/extra meals for prospective athletes. The board also confirmed the decision to adopt a the minimum gross monthly wage of Rs25,000 to PSB employees.

Prior to the beginning discussion, and denial of reports about the dismantling of pension and other benefits for the PSB and other PSB employees, the IPC minister assured that the benefits associated with it will be provided to PSB employees, and that no PSB employee will be dismissed from their jobs.

The board members pointed out that the terms and conditions of the employees currently employed can’t be altered during their service, because they have already been ruled on by courts in range of instances.

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