Senate body summons Imran in connection with ‘storming’ of Parliament

Senate body summons Imran in connection with ‘storming’ of Parliament Lodges by police :

ISLAMABAD The Standing Committee of the National Assembly on Rules, Procedures and Privileges Thursday summoned former premier Imran Khan as well as former interior minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed in connection with the destruction of parliament lodges on March of this year.

The chairman of the committee, Rana Mohammad Qasim Noon who is a dissident from Pakistan Thereek-i-Insaf (PTI), also ordered the inspector general as well as the chief director of Islamabad police to appear in person with the appropriate record.

The committee made the instructions following the hearing of the privilege motion brought by opposition parties in protest to the Parliament Lodges’ riot on the 10th of March.

Senate body summons Imran in connection with ‘storming’

The police of the capital executed an investigation inside the Parliament lodges, and detained 19 individuals, including JUI-F MNAs Salahuddin ayubi and Maulana Jamaluddin. This was following the fact that people belonging to Ansarul Islam, a uniformed voluntary force belonging to Jamiat Ulema-i-Islam (JUI-F), were able to enter the premises in significant number.

The former IGP of Islamabad Mohammad Ahsan Younus took notice of the presence of the group in the lodges.

Based on the information in the FIR filed in the Secretariat police station, under Sections 186 of, 188, 147 and 149 of the Pakistan Penal Code, police discovered that between 40 and 50 JUI-F volunteers Ansarul Islam, which is a prohibited outfit under the 2019 Statutory Regulation Order and were carrying out an exercise for security and gained access to the central entrance to Parliament Lodges.

The police were able to obtain an order to search from the district magistrate who arrived at the lodges with his prison van in the knowledge that members in uniform were in flat 401. The 40-50 volunteers located in the lodges were taken into custody in the midst of a dispute after negotiations failed the report said.

The police also said that all of the people who were detained during the incident were released with personal guarantees.

The senators from the opposition had made a privileged motion to contest the police actions. The privilege motion opposition senators wrote to the National Assembly speaker that they want to raise a matter of infraction of the privileges of the august house and its members , in conformity with the Rule 95 of the rules of Procedure and Conduct of Business in National Assembly 2007.

They said that a large group of Islamabad police, along with the district’s senior administration forcefully entered the lodges , and forced parliamentarians to the ground.

“In vicious act of police barbarity, police broke down doors and forcibly entered multiple lodges where members reside with their families,” the privilege motion read, adding that several members of the legislature were wounded during the “attack” and illegally detained.

It was said that the political parties of opposition believed because the police’s actions as well as the District Administration harmed the rights of lawmakers They would like to raise a matter of right to privileges against the Interior Minister, the police officers and the ICT administrators.

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