US seeks close ties on human rights Afghan refugees

US seeks close ties on human rights, Afghan refugees :  WASHINGTON: US Under Secretary of State Uzra Zeya has stated that Washington is looking forward to a long-term collaboration with Pakistan in human rights as well as support for Afghan refugee and relocation efforts.

In the State Department news briefing on Thursday afternoon spokeswoman Ned Price expanded the horizon of the partnership, noting that Washington is looking at ways to “advance that partnership in a manner that serves our interest and our mutual interests as well”.

Ms. Zeya who is responsible for civil security, democracy and rights of the human at State Department, expressed these views during a discussion together with the Pakistani Ambassador, Masood Khan Thursday.

In a tweet, she said that she had a “constructive conversation” with Ambassador Khan to “discuss human rights and Pakistan’s critical support for Afghan relocation efforts and refugees”.

A statement by the embassy stated that both sides agreed to enhance relations between the US and Pakistan in various sectors through regular exchanges on topics that are of mutual interest.

In response to Ms. Zeya’s tweet the Ambassador Khan stated that the two sides will work together to encourage dialogue between the two sides and cooperation in order to strengthen connections.

Ambassador Khan also expressed his appreciation for the OIC-State Department’s meeting from 23-24 May in Washington to encourage discussions between United States and OIC nations.

The Under Secretary Zeya also represented the United States at the OIC-CFM Council of Foreign Ministers Conference in Islamabad in the middle of March.

US seeks close ties on human rights Afghan refugees

In her discussions in Islamabad she highlighted the long-standing ties and cooperation that exists between Pakistan with the US and thanked Pakistan for providing the dignity and security the Afghan refugees for more than 40 years.

In the State Department briefing, spokesperson Price explained that US officials have had a number of meetings with members of the new government since the time they took power in April.

One of the most important meetings that he mentioned was held between the Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari and US Secretary of State Antony Blinken in New York the month before.

“Secretary Blinken (met) his Pakistani counterpart face-to-face to the first time. It was a great and constructive exchange of views on the whole spectrum of issues, including the problem of food security,” the secretary said. Two leaders also discussed the Russian attack on Ukraine and the consequences of it the president added.

“Pakistan is a partner of ours, and we will look to ways to advance that partnership in a manner that serves our interest and our mutual interests as well,” Price said. Price stated.

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