Who was Shinzo Abe? The latest on Japan’s former

Who was Shinzo Abe? The latest on Japan’s former prime minister’s assassination and the gunman who killed him : WASHINGTON -The Washington Post reports that Shinzo Abe Japan’s longest-serving premier has been murdered by a gunman on Friday in full view as he was campaigning in a shocking attack that shocked the entire world.

Abe was 67. Abe left behind a controversial legacy as an eminent leader who helped to rebuild Japan’s economy, but also left liberals furious with his military hawkish stance.

Who was Shinzo Abe? The latest on Japan’s former

The shooting was more shocking as Japan is a country that is famous as a gun-free zone, also has among the lowest murder rate in the world. Japan has only 10 cases of gun crime in the year 2000, despite having an estimated population of 100 million, according to the Associated Press.

What happened to Abe killed?

  • Abe who was an official of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party – was killed in the city of Nara in western Japan approximately 11:00 a.m. JST. The suspect gunman fired at Abe from behind while the former prime minister gave an address to the public at the train station.
  • The dramatic video recorded through NHK, which is a Japanese media company that depicts Abe wearing navy blue attire, being thrown to the ground following two loud bangs that appear to be gunshots. Security guards immediately attacked the suspect.

What are the injuries he sustained?

    • Abe was soon unable to breathe as his heart stopped according to reports. He was taken by airlift towards a local hospital at which point he was declared dead.
    • He sustained major injuries to his heart, as well as two neck injuries which damaged an artery According to Nara Medical University emergency department head Hidetada Fukushima.

Who is the suspect gunman?

    • The suspect was arrested by police, Tetsuya Yamagami, 41 who was a former soldier in Japan’s navy. NHK said that the suspect planned to murder Abe due to complaints about the politician that were not related to politics.
    • The gun discovered on the scene, which was about 15 inches long, appears to be made by hand as per NHK. Police seized similar guns from his residence in a nearby apartment with a single room. Police stated that Yamagami acknowledged that he shot Abe.

What was Abe famous for as a premier minister?

    • Abe attempted to change Japan’s constitution. It bans any use of force when fighting international disputes, and limits the military’s role to self-defense. The constitutional amendment failed due to a lack of popular support, yet it has the support of many ultra-conservatives.
    • Abe believed that Japan was unfairly judged for its involvement during World War II and promoted the nation’s postwar performance in economic prosperity as well as peace and global cooperation. Some some critics accused him of attempting to gloss over Japan’s actions during the war. His extreme nationalism irritated the Koreas as well as China which were both wartime enemies and wartime adversariesof Japan.

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