Will the UK finally have its first ‘Brown’ PM

Will the UK finally have its first ‘Brown’ PM :  London from political pundits to bookies to psychic seals and fortune-tellers the issue about who is the Conservative party’s next leaderand also who will be the UK pm — are heatedly debated on televisions in homes, as well as in pubs all over in the UK.

Since the resignation of Boris Johnson on July 7 was imposed through junior ministers about 10 people have proposed as possible candidates for the top job, although none of them have stated they’d like to be in the position. A majority of these MPs and ministers come from ethnic minorities backgrounds.

By 2021, fourteen percent of UK population was of an ethnic minority background. In the aftermath of the general election in 2019 six cabinet members as well as 10 per cent of members in the House of Commons were from ethnic minorities.

Sajid Javid held several cabinet posts and is widely thought to be the man to watch out for in the race. The son of Pakistani migrants who came from Toba Tek Singh whom immigrated into the UK in the 1960s. Javid is a native of Rochdale and was raised in Bristol. Javid has held a variety of cabinet posts in the three Tory PMs from 2012 onwards, and even landed the highest position of home secretary in 2018.


Sajid Javid has experience, Rishi Sunak the charm The polls are clearly in favor of Ben Wallace

In the past, he served the cabinet member of Johnson as the health secretary. The post was appointed as the UK was suffering from the effects of the epidemic and post-crisis, Javid wrote a “post-crisis plan’ on how to revive growth in all regions in the UK. At one point, Javid was a candidate for Conservative party’s leadership but was unable to accept the offer in favor of Johnson.

Will the UK finally have its first ‘Brown’ PM

It was the dramatic resignation letter last week that set off the torrent of government resignations that ultimately made Johnson’s fate a certainty.

He wrote “The style you (Johnson) established as a leader, and the values that you embody influence your coworkers as well as your own party, and ultimately , the nation. Conservatives in their prime are viewed as tough-minded decision-makers who are guided by strong values. Although we may not always been well-known, but we have performed well in pursuing the national best interests.

“Sadly with the current situation, the public is concluding that we’re not. The confidence vote we received last month proved that the majority of our colleagues concur. It was a time of respect, humility and a fresh direction. I regret to inform you that it is evident for me that this circumstance is not going to alter under your directionand that is why you have lost my faith too.”

In his letter, interpreted by many as a covert attempt to become a leader Javid’s recent statements has been viewed as setting the course of his Tory party, despite one of the most common complaints against him is that he’s not been in any cabinet post in the time required to have an effect.

Although Javid is regarded as an extremely credible candidate by analysts However, a quick YouGov survey among Conservative party members found that Javid was not even in the top five most popular candidates.

Although the YouGov poll puts Ben Wallace as a clear candidate to be the winner of the top slot within the Conservative party, Rishi Sunak, another cabinet member and ethnic minorities politician, isn’t far off. The son of Indian parents who were married to the daughters of an Indian billionaire, Oxford and Stanford-educated Sunak was elected to the House in the year 2015. In just five years He was Johnson’s main financial minister.

According to BBC, Sunak is “one of the first to quit the cabinet … and the most high-profile figure so far to announce his candidacy”.

Sunak was regarded as an extremely popular candidate to be the next PM for months. There was research released in December 2021 revealing the former chancellor had a greater chance of taking on Keir Starmer’s Labour than Johnson. The newspapers of the day featured the headlines of “Dishy Rishi” and how Sunak would be the perfect candidate for Tory politician in the event Johnson was to step down.

The media’s favorite, Sunak was even described by a journalist in January of this calendar year, as “the only choice” as the chancellor was “untainted by scandal”. Unfortunately for the chancellor the scandal over his wife’s tax affairs as well as an imposed fine for breaking regulations on lockdowns seriously damaged his image. But the YouGov survey shows Sunak as the most likely candidate in the race to Wallace in a separate head-to head poll.

Other top contenders who are ethnic minorities include Nadhim Zahawi who was born in Iraq and is the potential replacement for Sunak who quit soon after Javid. Indian-born Attorney General for England as well as Wales Suella Braverman, as well as home secretary Priti Patel too are being discussed as possible candidates for the top spot however the odds of either of them will be successful are slim.

Presently the Defense Secretary Ben Wallace is leading the survey. An ex-military officer who was elected an MP in 2005. Wallace is gaining international acknowledgement for his leadership in his leadership during the Ukraine crisis. He was in the army during the war in Germany, Cyprus, Belize and Northern Ireland where he helped in the fight against a bombing that was carried out by members of the Irish Republican Army. In the present, Wallace is dodging questions about whether he’ll be running for the leadership position, saying that he will remain focused on his work.

Concerning how the UK is prepared for its first ethnic minorities-only prime minister, Jonathan Portes, Professor of Economics and Public Policy at the School of Politics and Economics of King’s College, told Dawn, “Yes. Sunak, Javid and Nadhim Zahawi all have a chance to be candidates (Suella Braverman, who also made an announcement about her candidacy not so muchis. Their success or insuccess is not affected by their ethnicity however, their policies and personal characteristics.”

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